Meet Our Team


Norma, CDA

Norma is an accomplished dental assistant and you will find her both at the front office and in the clinic.  She has been with our office for several years since completing her studies at Renton Technical College. Norma’s friendly nature is disarming and she always goes the extra mile to put people at ease.

Being a part of improving a patient’s health is important to Norma and she feels that there is nothing more gratifying than having a patient smile at the end of a procedure and be surprised about how easy having a root canal could be. It is a goal of the practice to not only do great dentistry, but also to make it a positive experience for our patients.

When not in the office, Norma can be found with her family, friends, and pets.


Kristina, CDA

Kristina, a graduate of Renton Technical College, has been an integral part of our team since joining our practice years ago. She has an enthusiasm for learning, great attention to detail, and commitment to making every patient experience as pleasant as possible. 

Outside of work Kristina is a talented musician and also enjoys reading and learning languages.

 Kristina portrait
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